My son started piano lessons with Maddy when he was 4. She has inspired him with every lesson for 2 years now and he has shown a real aptitude for music since Maddy started tutoring him. Maddy knows how to engage with young children and patiently channels their interests into music. My son is massively into Superheros & Maddy encourages him to co-write songs with her about Batman. Imagine the delight of a little child who can play a tune about his favourite superhero on the keyboard! Two years hence, we're at the stage where a tune catches his ear and he can't wait to ask Maddy to help him translate it into musical notes, practice with her & play his latest song for us. During the lockdown, we've still kept up our piano lessons with Zoom sessions; he is very engaged and looks forward to Saturday piano with Maddy on Zoom. He recently got an accolade from his school for his musical performance; we couldn't be more proud. Highly recommend this gifted teacher and musician.
- Parent of Piano student
Through Maddy my son has developed a great enthusiasm for the bassoon and is always excited to show me the latest notes he's learned. But more than that, I've been fortunate to witness some of the lessons which have taken place virtually during lockdown; his engagement with Maddy and keenness to speak with no inhibition is testament to Maddy's truly rare quality to remain engaging even in a virtual environment.
- Parent of a mini bassoon student
Maddy has been teaching me now for a year and I really look forward to our lessons because she makes them a really positive experience, she is very patient and encouraging. Even though I am a beginner at piano and also middle-aged, which makes learning new skills much slower, I feel that I have come a long way since our first lesson. Maddy very kindly came to my first performance and I felt that she was more like an old friend to us all than just a teacher. I highly recommend Maddy if you need a kind, patient, and very understanding teacher. Nothing is too much for her – she gives confidence and encouragement in a gentle and positive manner
- Adult piano student
Maddy is an awesome teacher who plans and structures her lessons very well and delivers them equally efficiently. My daughter learns to play both the piano and the bassoon with Maddy and immensely enjoys her lessons. She patiently explains, clarifies and corrects mistakes methodically and makes notes for future reference. Always positive and ever smiling, Maddy is wonderful to communicate with and discuss any issues without problems. I’d love to recommend Maddy to anyone looking for a bassoon/piano teacher.
- Parent of a piano and bassoon student
Maddy is such a wonderful patient teacher with a really fantastic manner. She has been teaching our 8 year old son piano for 9 months and we have been particularly impressed with how well she has engaged him and how much he has learnt over that period. He really enjoys the lessons and Maddy’s company. It is such a treat to hear him playing so nicely and to see how much enjoyment he gets from it (especially given he is a very energetic child who rarely sits still). She teaches in a way that encourages the individuals flare and our son has even composed his own piece. Maddy has very successfully kept the quality of the lessons very high despite the move to zoom.
- Parent of piano student