I am a London-based bassoonist who teaches a variety of instruments to children and adults of all ages

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What Do I Teach?

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about Me.

I have been a music teacher for seven years and feel very lucky to do it. As a musician, I benefited so much from the tuition I received and remember my years of lessons with fondness. Learning an instrument is an unparalleled experience that provides so much good: mentally, physically, and socially. To be able to provide that love of music to students – to both children and adults – is something I look forward to doing for the rest of my life.
The specifics of what I teach privately and my pricing can be found on the ‘What I Offer’ tab. I have a lot of experience teaching online and am happy to make that a continued part of the way I teach if it interests you. I am happy to travel to my students (within a sensible radius) or teach at my home in Wimbledon.


‘Maddy very kindly came to my first performance and I felt that she was more like an old friend to us all than just a teacher.’

‘Always positive and ever smiling, Maddy is wonderful to communicate with and discuss any issues without problems.’